Dear Gests, Ladies and Gentlemen’s we are glad to represent our web-site devoted to fences, barriers and panel lock systems.

GREENKLIN Company is one of the biggest suppliers of fences.


Plastic Fence, Wire mash system, Grille, Fence Post, Berries, Newel Post (used for Ladders), Vinyl Berries, PVC profiles, Gates, Ornamental Fence, Mobile Fence (without land drilling operation).

We would like to share with our experience and knowledge about modern installation technology of lock systems that not acquire special instruments.

Wire mash systems that don`t cost additional charges and qualified service during the whole lifetime. It doesn’t’t acquire extra printing or other protection.

All hands "GREENKLIN" is responsible for distributing, delivery and installation of professional and domestic lock system.

GREENKLIN company uses leading European technology such as "BETAFENCE", "LEGI", "DIRICKX"

We have already had our clients in USA, Australia, New Zeland, Japan, Korea, Russia. All our buisness clients are satisfied with quality and price.

  • The high polymeric covering quality
  • Smart mount system
  • Package supply including gates and hatches
Functionally systems are divisible by:
  • Segmented guard
  • Wire mash system
  • Welded mesh for sports areas
  • Welded mesh for special purpose
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